World Two Systems LLC (World 2 Systems) is the brainchild and evolution of The Interactive Media Lab and Dr. Joseph Henderson. The Interactive Media Laboratory (IML) was part of the Department of Community and Family Medicine at Giesel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. IML specialized in combining emerging technology with innovative instructional design. For over 18 years, it produced high-end interactive multimedia educational programs for both patients and health care providers. Additionally, it developed distance learning systems capable of delivering rich multimedia over the Internet.

IML closed its doors in 2010, and World 2 Systems was born. World 2 Systems is headed by Dr. Henderson working with two partners, Joshua Nelson and Joseph Beaudoin who worked with Dr. Henderson for over a decade at Dartmouth College.

Most of Dr. Henderson’s career has focused on the use of computer, media, and communication technologies for the education of health professionals and patients, emphasizing complex decision-making. By the last, we mean creating learning environments that balance the learning of more easily codified knowledge (e.g., scientific facts, theories, and protocols) with learning that which is less easily codified (e.g., risk-benefit assessment and decision-making), to work effectively in what Donald Schön called the “swamp,” the non-deterministic realms of real-world practice. With Schön’s Reflective Practicum in mind, Dr. Henderson designed the technology-based “Virtual Practicum,” incorporating simulations, lectures, and exercises, along with mentoring by actual (though virtually-represented) expert practitioners. To date IML and W2S developed eight large-scale e-Learning programs using this model, all dealing with complex topics ranging from management of cancer-related pain to medical/forensic care of sexual assault patients. In addition to serving as PI for these projects, Dr. Henderson was also the designer, writer, director, and producer.

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