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SAE Review for 2.0

SAE Review


How to navigate the SAE Program

If you have questions on how to install the SAE program contact Joshua Nelson at joshua.nelson@world2systems.com

As per the video below, after you start the program, (click outside of the Begin button) – Type (at the same time) ALT+SHIFT+I to start Instructor Mode.
To turn on the Developer Mode – type ALT+SHIFT+H to turn that screen on, and then click on “Developer Display Enabled” to turn on the “blue box” which lets you know exactly where you are within the program.

Addendum for Developer Mode – Some users may not get any information in the “blue box”. To make sure that there is information and shows the page/card that you are on in the SAE Program, go back into Developer Mode. (type Alt+Shift+H) And click on the 3rd option, Devel-log card names so that it is set to t or TRUE.

Timeline of the Project

Review and overview of the timeline for the advisory panel.